Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Sony DVD Records Straight to PSP

Sony Electronics has made the move to make its products more compatible by releasing a new range of DVD recorders capable of recording straight on to the company's handheld games console, the PSP. Not only that, but the new RDZ-D97A, RDZ-77A, and RDZ-87 models also allow the recording of three programmes at the same time, including one in high-definition (HD). They have a storage capacity ranging between 250GB and 500GB. The PSP connectivity is a new feature, although bizarrely the most powerful model, the RDZ-87, does not have this capability.Owners of the PSP have also had the option of buying movies for the device, although this function has reportedly not been as successful as some had hoped. With the ability to record straight on to the device, perhaps using the PSP as a programme viewing tool will become more popular.The three models will have an initial release only in Japan from May 19th.


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