Saturday, May 06, 2006

PSP Software

If your looking for cool software downloads for your psp then click here for great downloads from If your looking for a video converter I would recommend Psp Video 9 which can be downloaded from here.

PSP Programming Tutorial

After searching the web for good tutorial on how to make yourown homebrew apps. I finally found one. You must download a few things before you can get started. Full details are in the tutorial. Have fun programming homebrew apps.Click here to view the tutorial

GTA Cheat Device

This release (The one you've all been waiting for) adds the ability to drive on walls with any car! It's pretty simple to use too. To use the cheat device, simply download a game save (US/UK version), run GTA, and load the Cheat Device as a game save.

To use the drive on walls cheat: You need to use hover cars to get on a roof of a building (One that has a roof, as some don't in GTA:LCS), then drive off the edge at about 20 mph. As long as the "driving on walls" cheat is activated, you will be able to drive on the wall! Edison Carter also stressed that this does not work on 2.7; so please don't request for it to ported to 2.7.

Note: This game replaces the game save in slot 1, if you wish to keep a saved game from slot1, please move your desired save game to another slot. Disclaimer: THIS CAN CRASH YOUR GAME. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. USE 333MHZ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Don't save your game after using this

Download: [CheatDevice v1.0d US/Canada]
Download: [CheatDevice v1.0d UK/Europe]

Friday, May 05, 2006

PSP Skins

PSP skins are a big alternative to replacement faceplates. They are very cheap and can be bought from I have the burst skins but i only use the back one. Faceplates can be bought from there aswell.

Sony Hinting At New PSP Features or PSP 2?

This is something for the rumor mills. Apparently, PSP gamer birdman1 of invisionfree's forums, recently received an emailed survey from Playstation, and according to him after answering a few pages of the survey, there was a page largely devoted to what would make the PSP better (left thumbnail). This sounds like the Sony people are wanting feedback about possible new features. But then again, maybe Sony isn't coming up with a PSP 2, but maybe they are just coming up with a firmware update.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Wipeout Pure Secret Packs

I found that if you type in these codes in the secret pack ships on wipeout pure online through your psp you can get cool ships.

(socom 3 pack: cross, triangle, circle,)
(squarejak racing pack: [] x /\ o)
(socom fire team bravo pack: /\ o [] x)
(daxter pack: o [] x /\)
(The /\ stands for triangles)
(The [] stands for square)

How To Find The Secret Ships Pack
You have to be on a wireless connection (not the website) and go to downloads. One is called secret packs. Do a search at the bottom of page for secret packs and you'll find the four codes for the four new skins.

Sony Brings Net-Based-TV-to-PSP Service to Europe Via LocationFree TV

Sony will next month launch its LocationFree TV (LFTV) service in the UK and other key European territories, allowing PlayStation Portable users to receive television programmes transmitted from the home and out across the internet. Mac users are to get access to the service too. LPTV support is included in the PSP firmware update - version 2.7 - Sony announced this week. The upgrade - due to be posted on the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe website on 25 May - also adds podcast and RSS support, and the ability to handle AAC and WMA music files. LPTV will be launched in the UK, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, where, from next month, consumers will be able to buy Sony's LF-PK1 unit, which streams TV, DVD and other content from AV devices out onto the web. Any LFTV-compatible device can receive the stream and control what's streamed and when.Already available in the US, the LF-PK1 costs $350 (£196/€281). Sony hasn't said how much the product will cost in Europe.The unit ships with software for the PSP and PCs. Sony this week said it had licensed the technology to software developer Kaga to port the code to Mac OS X. The software is also expected to be ported to Windows Mobile and other mobile device operating systems, Sony said. In January this year, it said it would offer a software development kit to allow programmers to create LFTV-compatible apps on a variety of platforms. Again, it's not yet clear how much the software will eventually cost....?

Firmware Update 2.70

Finally... the highly waited firmware update has finally been released. It came out in japan 24hours before it came out to the rest of the gaming world. New features include,Flash PLayer 6. This allows users to play flash games online, which is great because you can save flash games on to the memory stick. With the new update homebrew fans will not be able to use the gta eloader on 2.7 psp's. Click here for more details on the new firmware update. It looks like that the 3.00v update was justa rumour. The update wont be out untill later this year. Sill no one knows the exact date.